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Genoa, Nevada

(pronounced jah-no-uh)

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Founded in 1850, this small town was the first settlement in the Nevada Territory. Genoa has an interesting location, with the rear of the town against the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and facing the open, flat expanse of Nevada to the east. This small town is home to Mormon Station Memorial State Park. It’s purpose is to commemorate the settlement of Nevada in 1851, when the first permanent trading post was established by a group of Mormon traders from Salt Lake City. Every year since 1919, Genoa has held a festival called The Candy Dance Arts and Crafts Faire, where sweets, food and crafts are sold to support its town government. The town is located on Route 206, approximately 15 miles south of Carson City. A mile south of Genoa is David Walley's Resort, a natural hot springs and spa. Orson Hyde, a leader in the early Latter Day Saints movement, named this small town after its namesake in Italy.

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