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Medora, North Dakota

(pronounced mah-door-uh)

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Unfortunately, North Dakota does not have much to offer in terms of attractive small towns.  Medora is the exception.  And it is only 2 miles off Interstate 94 in the far western end of the state.  The town provides a supply point for exploring the surrounding North Dakota Badlands and adjacent Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  There is little in the way of historic structures in the town.  But residents have done a good job of creating an atmosphere to replicate the look and feel of the old west.  The North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame is a 15,000 square feet museum in Medora. Its objective is to educate visitors about the history of Native Americans, ranching, rodeo, and the western lifestyle of the plains and Badlands. Interesting, although treeless, geologic surroundings can be viewed from this small town.

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